When should you use this?

When you're going to coffee with your best friend who doesn't work at Credit Karma yet, who still wants to refer people to Credit Karma (but isn't sure who).

Why is this different than plain LinkedIn or Teamable?

Credit Karma Referral SuperCharger ranks people roughly by the size of their employer, this breaks analysis paralysis about who you should talk to first. Unlike other tools, it doesn't require the other person to sign-in. Finally, this tool works on any variety of titles, not just engineers.


Drop your connections HTML file here

Drop HTML file here or click to choose
Selected HTML file is not uploaded, it stays on your computer.

To find this html, visit a friend's profile → click "See connections" → scroll to bottom → press command + s to save → drop the resulting HTML file here.


Pick titles that interest you


Review your people

Adjust the previous steps and the sorting of the table until you're happy.


Export Your People

  Download as CSV

What do the salary numbers mean?

medianSalary is the median salary for H1B applications with this job title throughout the USA. companyNumRecords is the number of H1B applications this company has made: tech companies and larger companies employ larger numbers of H1B workers. companyMedianSalary is the median salary of H1B workers at that company.

How do you calculate the "score"?

score = person's median salary + (median salary for the company * number of H1B employees at the company)

Is it secure?

Yes. The data you provide never leaves your computer.