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lazy templating

variable-name   value default
= {{words}} =
= {{}} =

rendered output - copy & paste into emails!

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How to use
- add variable names
- add values for each variable
- the "output" text area updates as you change these values
- hit the clear button to remove values in preparation for pasting a new
  set of values
- if you run out of variable-name:value input boxes, another one is inserted
  at the end of the list
- GOTCHA: if you change the name of a template, but don't change the master
  template, the master template still compiles with the old data.

- add templates
- delete templates
- saves all user input to localstorage so you can't lose data
- TODO: allow multiple "workspaces"?
- WARNING: to delete all data and start from scratch,
  run `delete localStorage.state` in your javascript console.

Created by David