Have bad Yelp reviews robbed you of money and students?

Yelp Rescues will leave you basking in the glow of 4 stars on your Yelp profile.

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“Yelp is killing my business.”

Yelp used to bring me calls every week, but now that I have bad reviews, nobody calls me. This costs me thousands of dollars every month. When parents check my Yelp profile, they go silent—it's embarrassing. I wish Yelp didn't exist! It makes me miserable. I’ve helped hundreds of students get into college, and now a few bad reviews are ruining it for me and my potential students.

– Bay Area Private College Counselor

If a 1-star rating turns away one student per month, then you’re losing out on between $48,000 and $132,000 in prospective new students per year. These numbers are based on my survey of publicly listed 1-year packages offered by private college counselors in the Bay Area. If your rating turns away 10 students a month, that’s between $480,000 and $1,320,000 worth of prospective new students. To add insult to injury, Yelp could be charging you ~$325 per month, or $3,900 per year for ineffective advertising.

When potential clients search “[Your Name] Yelp” on Google, your bad rating appears, making them less likely to work with you. This is unfair to you and your business—you’ve helped hundreds of students get into amazing schools. Your low Yelp rating does not reflect reality. If all your clients posted reviews, it would no doubt increase to 4 or 5 stars. It is important that we limit or reverse the damage caused by these reviews, so that your Yelp stops hobbling your business, and begins to work in your favor.

We need to turn Yelp around so it won’t cost you any more new business. We need to lay the foundation for alternative sources of new students. And we need to take away Yelp's power to ruin enrollment in counseling with you. How do we accomplish this? There are three main strategies we can pursue.

I help private college counselors in the Bay Area recover from Yelp reviews that are killing their business by getting them back to 4 stars.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I hate Yelp. Can you delete my page?”

Yelp does not let you delete your page. Yelp's business model is a protection racket. It’s like the mafia run against small Sicilian store owners. Your business hums along, doing just great, with word of mouth sending you tons of students. Suddenly, Yelp creates a page for you, a few bad reviews show up, and you start getting fewer and fewer calls. Then Yelp starts calling you: "Hey there, wanna advertise on Yelp? We will get you more clients!" You think, "Great! I'd love more clients, I guess I only have one star, but I have to do something, right?" And then Yelp fleeces you. Sending more traffic to a page with a low rating is not effective. But of course Yelp doesn’t tell you this. I'm here to make all this disappear. We'll get you to 4 stars, and you'll be able to forget about Yelp forever.

“I don’t want to spend any more money on Yelp.”

You are currently spending money on advertising that sends people to a profile page with bad reviews—this does nothing for your business. You spend at least $3900 per year on Yelp advertising. The cost of fixing your Yelp profile is small compared to what you stand to gain from the combination of a good profile AND Yelp advertising.

“I’m already spending on Yelp advertising.”

Yelp advertising will not improve your reviews or stars. It will send more people to your page, but this has not been helpful for my past college counselor clients. Once visitors see your low rating, they are scared away.

“I don’t want to buy reviews.”

This service does NOT sell reviews.

“I don't want fake reviews”

This service does NOT post fake reviews to your profile.

“Yelp told me I shouldn’t ask for reviews.”

Yelp gives you bad advice in order to make you more dependent on them for business. You should not listen to Yelp’s advice. Yelp is a protection racket: They want you to continue to rely on their advertising and be dependent on them—if you asked for reviews, and got them, you wouldn’t need to give any money to Yelp.

“I already have a full class of students.”

Did your star ratings decline recently? If Yelp is a big source of students for you, it’s best to take care of this problem now, before the next school year starts and you have to scramble for students.

“My Yelp page is beyond repair.”

It is not beyond repair! We can fix it.

“My business is too small.”

This service is designed for individuals; your business is the perfect size!

“Others who promised Yelp improvements were not able to make it happen.”

I’ve successfully helped counselors get from 1 star to 4 stars. On top of my proven track record, I also offer a guarantee: If together we cannot get you to 4 stars, I will give you all your money back.

“I don’t have time to improve my Yelp page—I need more students ASAP!”

You only need to answer emails from me within a reasonable amount of time. Making use of this service does not require a significant time investment on your part.

“I can’t afford to have someone take care of this for me.”

I understand completely—for this reason I offer a mentoring option where I help you make this happen for yourself.

“What if new reviews are all caught by the Yelp filter?”

Some may be caught, but with persistence we will get new positive reviews from seasoned Yelp accounts through the filter and onto your Yelp profile page, boosting your star rating.

“How will I know this is working?”

We will start to see reviews showing up on your profile, or in your “filtered” section, and your rating will start to rise!

"The Yelp Rescue has gotten me more clients"

My doubts about getting to 4 stars were if it can be done in the first place, the trust in the person I am working with and qualms about its ethicalness.

It worked! David was totally trustworthy and did exactly what he said in a timely way and if an obstacle came up, he was very forthright in sharing it with me so we could solve it. Furthermore, because the reviews that were submitted were genuine reviews from real folks, I felt better about it.

David was caring and careful about the entire process. He really listened to my concerns. Above all, much more quickly than I thought, we raised my reviews back to 4 star.

The Yelp Rescue has gotten me more clients. Also, I have a better vision of my business out in the world and I feel more confidence that word on my business out on the street is favorable and not that influenced by one sour review.

I would absolutely recommend a Yelp Rescue, because it works! David is excellent and it brings great results.

The one thing I didn't mention is that another thing I liked about working with David is that he didn't try to give me false hope or sell me big on the rescue. He simply explained what we could do and got me to do my part, did his part very well, and got it done. Very impressive. Recommend David highly; in fact, I give him five stars!

– Bay Area Private College Counselor

"The money invested in the Yelp Rescue was small compared to the lost revenue resulting from poor reviews."

I had bad Yelp reviews from people I didn't even know, who never used my services - it seems like anyone can post a Yelp review and hurt a small business. I hired David to fix my 2 star problem and in not too long we reached our goal! David's knowledge of Yelp and his strategic plan to help my business met all my expectations. The money invested in the Yelp Rescue was small compared to the lost revenue resulting from poor reviews. You can't delete a Yelp review - you can only combat it! I highly recommend the Yelp Rescue service.

– L, PhD, Bay Area Private College Counselor

Guarantee: With very little effort on your part, I will get you to 4 stars on Yelp. If I don’t, I will refund you in full.

★ ★ ★ ★

I want you to be overwhelmed by a steady flow of students, so more students can go to Ivy League schools, graduate debt-free, and make $100k+ after graduation—just like I did. Unlike anyone else who might help you, I believe 100% in what you do. I am eternally grateful for the work my own private college counselor did to help me.


Yelp will cause your business to lose out on over $48,000 in prospective students this year if it turns away one student a month, and over $480,000 in prospective students if it turns away 10 students a month. Let's fix Yelp so you can focus on the true growth areas of your business and stop worrying about Yelp robbing you of your potential.