Color Slice

Paste* (⌘ + V) or drag & drop image files into the big box. Click to capture a color. Use latest Chrome.

No canvas support. If you're using IE email the creator of this and tell him he forgot to use IECanvas!

Swatches (click image to save) Search & Replace Colors
rgb(4, 98, 132)
hsl(195.94, 94.12%, 26.67%)
husl(233.2, 99.0, 38.6)
  1. Find , replace with . Match nearby colors within   °hue

Color Palettes

Based on current image, create color palette with colors

Batch Rewrite Images/CSS

Multiple files are supported. Zip files are not currently supported.

* Screen capturing pro tips: to save your screenshot to the Clipboard, use Command-Shift-Control-3 or Command-Shift-Control-4. If you want to screencap only one window to Clipboard, use Command-Shift-Control-4 and then press Space.

Made by David Trejo with influence from JJ and Kawandeep Virdee.

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