David Trejo

I help time-starved college admissions consultants serve more students, without lowering the quality of their services.

Dear Admissions Consultant,

Your positive influence on students is limited by the length of your day. You don't have enough time to help as many students as you want. Your expertise is in great demand, and you regularly turn down families who want to work with you. You wish there was a way to provide high quality help to more students, with less effort.

How can you reclaim your time so you can help more students?

In this five-part, free mini-course you'll learn proven strategies used by other admissions consultants. You'll learn how they save time, help more students, and focus more on what they love: guiding students to success in their college application process.

What will you get in the free mini-course?

You'll also receive updates on new strategies that I formulate during my work with college admissions consultants.

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David Trejo
Brown University Computer Science Grad
Based in San Francisco

David Trejo