A faster Git workflow with Ampline

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I find myself copy-pasting long filenames way too often when I work with git. Tab completing deep paths is just as annoying. What might be a better way?

What if git status -s showed me this?

$ git status -s
1 M  lib/child_process.js
2 M  lib/sys.js
3 ?? newfile.md

And then I could do this:

$ vim 1
$ git add 3

Does anyone know of a tool that allows this?

If it doesn't exist, let's see if I can make it :)


Update: I made it and I've been using it for years!

And I'm not the only one who loves it.

→ Check out Ampline.

And here are my shell aliases.

David Trejo

Engineer at Chime & consultant. Past clients include Credit Karma, Aconex, Triplebyte, Neo, the Brown Computer Science Department, Voxer, Cloudera, and the Veteran's Benefits Administration.