Engineering lead checklists

This article attempts to describe how to replicate the decision making processes that a lean-ish engineering team lead would make, along with how they’d want their coworkers to help.

Let’s say that our definition of engineering lead is someone who leads an engineering project that spans multiple engineers/teams/months.

The way the team lead uses these lists, is that for every new project, they make a copy of the lists and then whenever the list is being executed by another person, they review it together to add/delete/reword items so that the person agrees and understands the work requested of them. Ideally this helps people feel they have decision-making power over their own work, and aren’t blindly executing.

Please note these checklists are very specific to my particular workplace(s)—you’d definitely want to customize them to match your workplace.

Team Lead’s Checklist

Estimation checklist

Engineer checklist

Pull request checklist

Release & Deploy Checklist

Project wrap up checklist

More coming soon! Currently discussing this with my experienced friends. Your feedback on this article is welcome too.

A toast to your next successful project!
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