Tailoring the perfect shirt, pants, and jacket

I’ve had custom clothes made for me twice, once by Pete the tailor, so if you’ve never had custom clothes made then I have infinitely more experience in this area than you 😂.

I recommend bringing clothes and photos of clothes with elements you like so that you can show them to the tailor. You want your tailor to know how you want to look and feel. Materials-wise, it’s good to aim for 100% cotton and wool.

The risk with getting clothes tailored is that you can't try them on ahead of time—this article ahould reduce that risk for you.

Elements to consider when tailoring the perfect shirt

Elements to consider when tailoring the perfect pants

I don’t have as many items here because I think pants are easier to get right.

Elements to consider when tailoring the perfect blazer / suit jacket

Thank you Alex Cohen, you got me started on all of this and your advice has been crucial! 🙇🏻‍♂️ A couple of tips from him:

What do you look for in your clothing? Let me know.

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PS If you’re just getting started on dressing more fashionably, you probably don’t feel confident enough that you’d want to go to a tailor. Ask your most fashionable friend to go shopping with you so you can make purchase decisions and don’t get overwhelmed by analysis paralysis. Uniqlo and Luigi Fusaro are a couple of my favorite stores where you can pick up basic outfits for good prices (make sure to check the materials!).

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