My Javascript tooling wishlist

What follows is a wishlist of features I'd want in my perfect javascript dev environment (I don't care whether each of these things is a separate command line tool, I just want them :)

Some of these are easy to write, some are hard. What would you add to this list?

I dream of a javascript with these tools...

general node-style project tools

already-implemented and thus less interesting

Ideas / suggestions / "I built that!"

Please if you know of any things that I should add to the lists above, tweet at me: @ddtrejo, alternatively, my email is on my github.


David Trejo

Projects I mentioned:

David Trejo

Engineer at Chime & consultant. Past clients include Credit Karma, Aconex, Triplebyte, Neo, the Brown Computer Science Department, Voxer, Cloudera, and the Veteran's Benefits Administration.