What follows is a mix of simpler and more difficult things you can ask me about for advice. This is not a list of services.

Table of Contents

Software Engineering

  • Understanding callbacks
  • Understanding how to avoid callback hell by using named functions, and async.parallel/series for the rest of the cases.
  • Learning what constitutes idiomatic node code (modularity, good abstraction, etc. Best learned via code review)
  • Advising you on what modules to use so you get work done faster by using other people's code
  • Coding conventions that will help you avoid errors such as uncalled callbacks
  • Setting up / trying out browserify
  • Setting up / trying out stylus
  • As an inactive contributor to mranney/node_redis, if you have any questions it's likely that I can help (can tell you about distributed systems, what redis is good for, what the other nosql's are good for, and am slightly familiar with the node_redis codebase)
  • Learn to use git like it's easy — rebase, manage branches, take pull requests quickly, use git's reflog to undo a git command that went wild and screwed up all your work
  • How to break into software engineering if you just learned to code
  • How to run a software engineering intern program
  • Good ways to recruit at Brown, both officially and unofficially
  • How to value equity (hint: 0)
  • How to figure out if a startup is good to work for
  • How to negotiate your salary
  • How all money is made on the internet
  • How to learn to code
  • How to make a two-sided marketplace with Paypal API
  • How to use the Google Calendar and Youtube API from node
  • How to choose colors for your site if you suck at color
  • How to use a pull request checklist to increase the quality of your code
  • How to use a deploy checklist for less risky deploys
  • Whether you should read…
    • Open Book Management
    • Microsoft's academic papers about A/B testing

College Admissions Consulting

  • How to get more students
  • How to schedule workshops at local high-schools
  • How to get a Yelp review taken down in under 12 hours if you're lucky


  • How to write a proposal
  • How to ask for referrals (and when)
  • How to get an amazing testimonial
  • How to get your first client(s)
  • How to get paid from day 1
  • How to raise your rates
  • How to organize and run your sales process
  • How to choose a niche
  • How to research a new service offering
  • How to convince your clients that a roadmapping session is an important first step prior to custom engineering work
  • How to work to work your best with a designer
  • How to test your value prop with content marketing using "the problem post." also helps you do customer development
  • How to do respectful professional intros
  • How to give a good handshake
  • How payment before starting work helps both you and the client be more successful
  • Whether you should read…
    • Managing the Professional Service Firm
    • Book Yourself Solid
    • How to Measure Anything
    • Inc Yourself


  • How to write great cold emails to drive calls with buyer/decider
  • How to write a sales page
  • How to write your resume
  • How to write to your value and outcomes, not simply your action and movement


  • How to do outbound sales with cold emails in a way that works
  • Puppy dog sales technique (don't feel salesy on the call, yet still make a sale eventually if it makes sense)
  • How to design a sales page by stealing from a massive list of examples
  • How many times to follow up
  • How to keep track of your prospects
  • How to get anyone's email
  • Whether you should read…
    • Predictable Revenue
    • Pricing with Confidence
    • Barking up a Dead Horse
    • How to Ask for the Moon and Get it


  • How to choose a good name
  • How to position yourself in the space of alternatives to your product or service
  • How to use drip campaigns
  • How to get 17% more conversion on your AdWords with lots of effort
  • How to improve your SEO
  • Whether you should read…
    • The Brain Audit
    • The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms
    • My Life in Advertising
    • Positioning


  • How to make amazing steak
  • How to make arepas
  • How to take care of your chef's knife
  • How to take care of your cast iron pan

Self Care

  • How to get work done with a sense of accomplishment and eliminate multitasking by organizing yourself with a Kanban board
  • How to give yourself a second brain with notational.net
  • How to fix your hands if you coded too much
  • Who to talk to for style advice
  • How to know if you are getting mildly depressed
  • How to know if you are sleeping enough
  • How to know if you are drinking enough water
  • How to decide what kind of lifestyle you want and work back from there to decide what you want to do with your life
  • How to actually work out: join a class and make friends
  • How to easily swallow vitamins
  • How to not get razor burn, not cut yourself, and get a way better shave with a safety razor and proper technique
  • How to not get cavities: no sugar/carbs
  • Whether you should read…
    • The Trigger Point Workbook
    • Body by Science


  • How to buy a road bike
  • What you should do to get your kid into Brown (where I went)
  • How to not hate noisy parties
  • How divorce is not so bad for your kids
  • Whether you should read…
    • How to Ask for the Moon and Get it
    • How to Win Friends and Influence People
    • The Black Swan
    • Learned Optimism
    • Fooled by Randomness

Send me an email about any of these, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.

David Trejo