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As of October 9th I learned that Node is being forked!

Why is node being forked? tweet

I asked someone close to this, "what is the reason for the fork?"

It turns out that some contributors* are forking because Node is currently run by a Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL), and these contributors are interested in running it by committee.

Here is a video on the subject, where these contributors discuss the effort: (37 mins; re-uploaded)

Interesting notes from the video:

  • they are considering hiring a full-time person to triage bugs on Node
  • they wish they could share bug-closing and bug-management abilities on the joyent/node Github (but Github itself does not make this easy without giving direct commit access),
  • For the near-term, they are considering spending 3 hours per week doing bug triage.

Here are the leaders of this, with their names and their rank as a contributor to node:

  • #2 Isaac Schlueter (and former BDFL)
  • #3 Ben Noordhuis [Mikeal pointed out that I forgot Ben, thank you Mikeal!]
  • #4 Bert Belder
  • #5 Fedor Indutny
  • #7 Trevor Norris
  • #27 Mikeal Rogers

As a bystander to this, I hope that when the dust settles, Node's stability and progress have not been adversely affected. I know for a fact that all of these people have better things to do than forking node (running their businesses for example). I have no doubt that this whole thing is a big headache for everyone, and hopefully the headache goes away soon (they would not be forking if they didn't have good reasons).

Have a good day,
David Trejo

More information

Here a video of the previous meeting (25 mins; re-uploaded):

Here is a link to the node fork: