The more of these you do, the more successful your writing session will be. I've marked the most important ones with a ★.

  • ★ Write in the morning.
  • ★ Close your eyes while you type
  • Do not edit
  • Do not reference your research
  • Have your research done the day before you sit down to write.
  • ★ Write into
  • Leave the tab open even after you finish for the day
  • Make it fullscreen so you're less easily distracted
  • Disconnect your internet, or write on a plane, or outside (even if it's cold: this gives you a natural deadline).
  • Write about whatever you feel like; once that's poured out, you can move on to whatever "productive" writing you wanted to do. This is also known as writing out the "noise."

This list of tips is built from experience and Josh Seiden's article, How to Write

When you're ready to start editing, these writing tools will come in handy.

David Trejo