Stable diffusion is lots of fun

Stable diffusion is super fun. You can get some free credits using (dreamstudio discord). You can find prompt inspiration on (lexica discord). I also recommend joining the discord chats.

For higher quality images you definitely want inpainting, outpainting, and to increase the resolution. It seems like this photoshop extension called alpaca would help. There's also this list of "Awesome AI image synthesis" tools.

Stable diffusion examples

Here are a couple prompts and images I made with Stable Diffusion.

Metal credit cards on tables

Prompt theme: chime metal credit card with edge to edge metallic emerald green finish and varnish chime branding on a Shou Sugi Ban table

Metal credit cards and gold coins guarded by dragons

Prompt theme: a black dragon guarding a chime card, emerald green chime metal credit card surrounded by piles of golden coins. elden ring landscape, d & d, fantasy, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, digital painting, artstation, concept art, sharp focus, illustration, art by greg rutkowski and rembrandt


Cheers and go have fun! 😄
David Trejo
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